World’s Most Powerful & Most Flexible Wordpress Marketing Plugin

Marketing-WP has a completely different philosophy. It gives you a complete set of the most feature-rich tools on the market. So that you can create anything you need and anything you want.

Comes in different packages that will suite:

Agencies & Companies



Marketing-WP Drives Results. Fast.

Convert website visitors into subscribers and customers

Stand Out

Enhance your website & provide better user experience by adding useful extra functionality

Get Leads

Spark the interest and get contacts of your visitors by implementing great lead magnets & other lead-generating widgets

Sell More

Since you will get more leads — you will get more sales. Also, increase your sales directly by enhancing your offers in various ways.

Exactly what I have been looking for. Surprisingly this has a million different uses and the sky is the limit.
Plenty of flexibility to do anything you need to. Well well WELLLL done.


All Marketing In One Single Plugin. And More.

Set up any marketing widgets & run any marketing campaigns

Grow & Manage Email Lists

Create great lead magnets. Capture leads with flexible opt-in forms. Use the built-in email content locker.
Manage all emails. Easily export them.

Add Scarcity & Urgency

Increase conversions by creating scarcity and urgency effects — add countdowns & timers. With features that no other tool on the market has.

Create Popups & Flyouts

Capture users on exit intent.
Use for lead magnets.
Use for online order widgets, price calculators & other interactive widgets.
Show any content.

Grab & Direct Attention


Capture users’ attention in a polite, non-irritating way and direct it to where you want with beautiful fixed side menu buttons.
Provide any content & functionality via those buttons.

Gather Information

Create any kind of forms. Use them to gather any information you want from users.
Create feedback forms, order forms, inquiry forms and so on.

Create a Queue Effect


Create an effect of a queue on your website and motivate users to take action by showing a flow of notifications about what the other visitors are doing right now.

Run Limited-Spaces Signup Campaigns with Referral Sharing

Run signup campaigns with limited availability of available signup slots & with built-in viral referral sharing. Perfect for early-access, limited-invites campaigns.

Phone Call Request

Setup a 'Request a phone call' functionality. Call back the customers who do not want to make the calls by themselves.

Add Skype Buttons

Create skype buttons with configurable dropdown options. Let visitors instantly contact you.

Very well done from a feature standpoint, as well the ability to mod this to pretty much any site and scenario.


The Tools

Here are the feature-rich premium tools Marketing-WP contains

Increase your conversions by adding scarcity and urgency effects
  • Create any kind of timers, countdowns & countups
  • Triggers Unique Feature

    Show and hide offers with triggers.
    Make your offers real by hiding the offers when the countdowns expire. Or motivate users by showing offers after a certain time or count.

  • Randomizer Unique Feature

    Make the amounts change in random quantities. Makes your countdowns look hyper-realistic.

Learn more
Create various forms. Set up lead magnets. Get leads.
  • Form builder! New Feature

    Create any kind of forms by adding the fields you need: inputs, textareas, radio buttons, checklists.

  • Create email opt-ins, contact forms, feedback forms, order forms, inquiry forms, phone call request forms, etc.
  • Create lead magnets

    With the built-in automated email sending, send emails to users with promised content after he gives you his email.

  • Confirmation is not required

    Forms do not require user to confirm his subscription. This increases the amount of your leads. User enters his email and sends the form. His email gets saved in the system. That’s it.

  • Email management New Feature

    Manage all your emails and other form data in one single place. Choose which form you want to view the data from. Easily export emails and names to csv.

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Herd Effects
Unique Tool
Show how much action there is on your website to motivate visitors to join that action!
  • Run a flow of notifications on your website
  • Imitate any activity: user purchases, registrations, social network mentions, and so on. Possibilitites are limitless.
  • Stimulates users to join the action, resulting in higher conversions & sales
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Modal Windows
Create any kind of popups & flyouts
  • Trigger on anything: click, page load, scroll, exit intent
  • Not only popups, but also unobtrusive, polite flyouts
  • Powerful styling, flexible settings, lots of features
  • Powerful page-level placement
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Side Menus
Unique Tool
Create fixed side menu buttons. Capture & direct users’ attention.
  • Lead users where you want by inserting your links
  • Or show modal windows on click: show quick order forms, price calculatars, etc!
  • Use for in-page navigation
  • Built-in social share buttons - all major networks
  • Built-in print button
  • Built-in back-to-top button
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Skype Buttons
Create skype buttons with configurable options. Let visitors instantly contact you.
  • Lots of options to enable: chat, call, videocall, voice message, add to contacts, Information, send file
  • Show your status — let people see if you are online or not
  • Unlimited amount of buttons
Learn more
Viral Signups
Run signup campaigns with limited signup slots and with viral referral sharing
  • Limited signup — create a signup form with limited amount of available slots. Create scarcity effect. Perfect for early access campaigns.
  • Viral sharing — with this option enabled, signed up user is given a unique link to share and bring referrals
Learn more

Is a Great item seriously a great plugin!



Here is why customers love Marketing-WP

Mix & Match Tools

The included tools work together to enable you to create comprehensive high-conversion functionality for your website.

Powerful Styling

Tools are accompanied by powerful styling options that let you match your website style and create any look & feel you desire.

High Speed Loading

All the tools are optimized for high speeed loading.

Mobile Optimized

Coming Soon Free Update

All the tools can be used on mobiles, as well. If you do not want to clutter the small screens, however, you can disable any item for the smaller screens.

Preview Widgets

You can preview the widgets you are creating right in the editor, without the need to leave the creation environment. Saves your time.


Coming Soon Free Update

We have all the documentation and video tutorials you need to help you get up and running quickly.

World-class Support

If you require assistance, our support is quick & eager to help!


Coming Soon Free Update

Templates will help you set up cross-addon widgets quickly.

Email management

Manage, view and sort all the leads you gather right in your dashboard. Export as needed to csv or xlsx. Or simply copy all data to clipboard with 1 click to paste it elsewhere.


Stream the email addresses and names of your leads automatically to your Mailchimp or GetResponse accounts.

Third-party Addons

Coming Later

We will release an API and open up the platform for other developers, when we are ready.

Very easy to use, straight forward and really simple.



Invest in your business. Purchase in confidence with our 15 Days Money Back Guarantee.

* Plugin will work forever on a website it was activated on. However, the updates & support are limited to 1 year. Also, you will not be able to transfer the plugin to another site.

You can renew the license after a year in order to continue receiving updates & support, and to enable plugin activation on another site.
Renewals are 30% less than the original price. Terms & Conditions.

100% money back guarantee

Secure payment with

Fast and friendly support

How To Start

Just install, activate and verify the plugin

1. Purchase

Purchase your package

2. Download

After the payment, you will get the download links, accompanied by the licences, for the plugin and for all the pro addons, in your Account. Additionally, you will receive the download links & licences to your mailbox. Download all the files.

3. Install

Go to your wp-admin -> plugins -> add new. Upload, install and activate the Marketing-WP plugin and all the addons (just as you regularly do with any plugin).

4. Verify the licenses

Marketing-WP will appear in your dashboard’s left menu. Activate each addon: under Marketing-WP, click on the addon section, then go to license tab, paste the corresponding license code, press Save, then press Activate License. Do that for each addon. Done!

5. Start creating!

That's it, go ahead and use the tools! You can also check out the documentation & tutorials to help you get started.

Questions & Answers

Having doubts? We've got you covered.

What do I get with my license?

Your license grants you access to support and updates for one calendar year from your purchase date. The updates will ensure WordPress compatibility, as well as provide great new features!

Do I need to renew my license?

After 1 year you will have to renew your license in order to continue receiving updates and support. Within 30 days from the expiration date, you can renew your license with a 30% discount.

What happens if I don’t renew my license?

If you choose not to renew your license, the plugin will continue to work for you on the installed website, but you will miss out on future development and support, and you will not be able to transfer the plugin to another site.

If I purchase a certain package, can I upgrade to another one later?

Sure, just contact us within 2 months from the purchase date and tell us which package do you want to upgrade to and we'll send you a discount code for the price difference between the packages.

Is this an automatic subscription?

No, we process just a one-time payment. You can renew the license manually by yourself. We will send a reminder 2 weeks before the expiration of the current license.

What types of payments do you accept?

We process payments with PayPal, so you can use your PayPal account and credit cards via Paypal

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do, you can get a full refund within the 15 days after the purchase. No questions asked! Although we encourage you first to submit a help request, so that we can help, it is not required, and you can just request a refund immediately.

Do I get updates for the plugin?

Yes, you get updates for the plugin and the included addons. You will see the information about available updates in the Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard. We will also show you a notification in the top area of your dashboard, when an important update is available.

Do you offer support?

Yes! Fast & responsive customer support is the key for a quality product, so we do our very best to resolve any issues you encounter via our support center.

Will this work on does not allow any third-party plugins. So Marketing-WP will not work on It will work only on self-hosted WordPress installs.

Do I get updates for the plugin?

Yes, you get updates for the plugin and the included addons. You will see the information about available updates in the Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard. We will also show you a notification in the top area of your dashboard, when an important update is available.

I have other pre-sale questions, can you help?

Yes! You can ask your pre-sale questions through our support page.

Good job, nice plug! Also good support, guys!


Start Making More Money. Risk-free.

Marketing-WP customers get an average 10% increase in conversions. Some get up to 20% increase.

That means they start getting more leads, more sales and earn more money.

For our customers, it results on average in $820 increase of monthly revenue.

Join them — invest to grow your business.

Try it now. It’s risk free - you can get a refund within 15 days, no questions asked.